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Fitsme Fashion wins a 2014 International Design for Experience Award

The winners of the 2014 international Design for Experience awards.
Article No :1434 | May 8, 2015 | by UX Magazine Staff

Presenting winners of the 2014 Design for Experience awards. These people and organizations are doing vanguard work in the field of experience design and were selected as winners based in large part on what we can learn from their work. Watch for articles over the coming months that explore the winning entries in more detail.

Often, the core principles that underpin experience design can be readily applied outside the sphere of digital products and services. Fitsme is a perfect example of this. Focusing on a very real problem faced by amputees—getting dressed on their own—Fitsme creates custom clothing that’s easy for people with missing or partial limbs to put on. Magnetic clasps replace buttons for easier fastening and other modifications can be designed for each individual. For example, Alex Koslow, who was born without a right leg and wears a very heavy prosthetic, sought a pair of pants with an internal elastic panel that grabs the prosthetic below the ”knee” to help her carry the weight of her leg. Fitsme delivered.

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