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Our Mission

Sheri Lynn DiGiovanna, CEO and Founder

Fitsme Fashion has been creating clothes specifically designed to meet the needs of bodies with partial or missing limbs that are fashionable, easy to put on, and safer than ill fitting clothes. Every BODY has dignity and worth and deserves a great design and fit experience. We are now trying to provide a “normal” online shopping experience for design and fit to limbs or to .prostheses.

We add design features which assist in getting dressed such as magnetic closures, loops, zippers in the inseams, and epaulettes for hanging the garment open for ease of application. We also include features which assist in life activities such as loops and non-skid fabric on stubs and sleeves.

We hope you will support our mission and give to our GoFundMe Campaign or purchase items from our store so we can offer more selections.


Our Story

I started sewing when I was 9 years old. I have designed and made custom clothes and done alterations on existing clothes since 1989. No where is this skill needed more right now than for those with missing or partial limbs.Picture5

I met Nicky Abdinor from Nicky’s Drive when she gave a speech in February a few years ago. Although armless, she wore a long sleeve turtleneck much like the one pictured here. This struck me as she spoke dynamically and her long sleeves flew back and forth seemingly for no reason.

After her speech, I asked her if she liked the fact that she was wearing long sleeves because it didn’t draw attention to the fact that she had no arms or would she rather have a shirt designed and made for her body. She said, “Oh, my Gnicky-with-long-sleevesod, I’d much rather have something designed for my body as I get these sleeves caught in the car door all the time and there’s nothing I can do about it.” I had not even thought of it as a safety issue to have dangling, extra fabric and ill fitting clothes, but clearly you can see why it is. But when she sent me her measurements, she included a sleeve length. Hmmm, clearly, we have a long way to go in fashion for “other” bodied people.

Then, I heard Tosh.O interview Tisha unarmed. When he asked her what is THE most difficult thing you do without arms, she said “Getting dressed.” This broke my heart. Surely we can help. After that, I studied how she got dressed with her feet via her YouTube channel: Again, we could make this process easier with loops, bands, magnets, epaulettes, etc.

We now need your help to make it possible for everyone, no matter their body, could order clothes that fit them. Why have an arm hole in your shirt if you have no arm? Why have two sleeves the same size if both of your arms are cut differently?

GoFundMe account has been set up if you’d like to help. Making custom clothes in the USA is expensive, but together, we can make it happen. Please also consider sharing so others can hear about us.

— Sheri Lynn DiGiovanna, Founder and CEO
MBA, Vanderbilt University 2005
Fitsme Fashion, a startup company based in Nashville, TN