Fitsme Fashion

Fitting extraordinary bodies


Currently offering high performance sleepwear for adults ready to order online,  offer shirts, pants, and coats for all ages.

Order for yourself or a friend –  luxurious sleepwear with no extra fabric getting in the way of a great night’s sleep.

For ordering PJs, you are able to put in your inseam and/or sleeve measurement(s) as you go.

Fill out your profile, however, if you’d like us to have your measurements on file to make all kinds of clothing items (pants, jackets, and so on) or for repeat purchases.

See our finishing options  here.  



Fitsme Fashion

Fitsme Fashion is dedicated to those with extraordinary bodies.

Our mission is to bring greater safety and independence through style and fit to those with missing or partial limbs – beginning with our line of luxurious sleepwear.